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Global Drug Design and Development Review (GDDDR) was introduced by Humanity Only (HO) through the research project sponsored and guided by Humanity Research Council (HRC) - a sub-body of Humanity Development Council (HDS). GDDDR intends to promote qualitative and quantitative researches and findings with the help of newly emerging tools and patterns utilized in experiments, observations, interviews, analysis and surveys by encircling all major segments of Drug design and Interdisciplinary academic and research disciplines. GDDDR is a Inter-disciplinary, quarterly published, double-blind peer-reviewed research journal which encompasses major disciplines of Drug design in general with specific interest in the sub-disciplines detailed below.

All the review articles published will be comprehensively peer-reviewed by the team of GDDDR to ensure their scientific authenticity, innovation, and excellence.

Mission and Vision

GDDDR serves as a haven for researchers and scholars to express their innovative research ideas. It is a collaborative effort of our team (GDDDR) to present a collection of up-to-date educational and enlightening research articles to broaden the horizon of drug design and development specifically for the researchers working on "new approaches in cancer pharmacology, pediatric drug development, influence of pharmacokinetics and dosage regimens on receptor interactions, design and development of microemulsions for improved bioavailability" and other intriguing research opportunities existing today in the era of drug design and development.

Objectives and Focus

-      GDDDR contains notable research contributions selected on the base of merit.

-      It serves as a national and international platform to undergrad students and researchers.

-      It focuses to target the researchers from different fields serving in the vicinity of drug design and development.

-      GDDDR functions as a multi-disciplinary research deploying various fields.

-      It encourages and supports the researchers and creates a network between the undergrad students, researcher scholars and teachers to carry out inventive research ideas in a productive way.



The scope of this journal is extended to the researchers working as pharmacists, chemists, chemical engineers, biologists, oncologists working in R&D of drugs and biologics, scientists working in pharmacological engineering and biotechnology. It implements multi-disciplinary fields, GDDDR is publishing the review articles in the following domains;

1.    Medicinal Chemistry

-       Structural or molecular biological studies elucidating molecular recognition processes.

-       Fragment-based drug discovery.

-       Drug target identification and validation.

2.    Pharmaceutical Technology

-       Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel biologically active compounds.

-       Phenotypic screening and target deconvolution.

3.    Preclinical and Clinical Pharmacology

-       Preclinical development studies.

-       Translational animal models.

-       Mechanisms of action and signaling pathways.

4.    Biopharmaceutics.

-       Distribution, pharmacokinetics and metabolic transformations of drugs or biologically active compounds in drug development.

-       Drug delivery and formulation (design and characterization of dosage forms, release mechanisms and in vivo testing).

5.    Pharmacognosy

- Isolation, structural characterization, biosynthesis, bioengineering and pharmacological evaluation of natural products.

6.    Bioinformatics

-       In Silico drug designing.

-       Identifying targets for drug discovery using bioinformatics.

-       Computer-aided drug designing

7.    Biotechnology

-       Use of fluorescent probe for fast and quantitative detection of chemicals in blood

-       genomics-based drug design and discovery


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